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As landscape designers, we are inherently respectful of the natural environment. We appreciate that it is important to incorporate sustainability into the gardens we design. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Irrigation – We can set up rain water systems for your irrigation, where the rainwater is channelled into a reservoir and pumped into the watering system.
  • Plants – Our garden designs can be cognisant of shelter planting and supporting native species. We have also designed productive gardens, using edible plants. We have experience in designing gardens that offer year round food sources for native birds.
  • Composting – We can advise you on composting and build a worm farm or compost bin in your garden.
  • Construction – We often mulch up felled trees to be reused within the garden, where appropriate we reuse old concrete in new surfaces and recycle cobbles and pavers, we can also access materials from sources that are certified as being sustainable.