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Pool design and construction 

Pool areas are always a special project for us. We love creating a stunning pool environment for our clients.  With our experience in both soft and hard landscaping, you can be assured that you will end up with a pool area finish of the highest quality.

The pools we build are solid concrete shotcrete shells that are always designed engineered to the specific individual environment that they are in. 

The pool area is excavated and all timber shutter work is completed, steel is then tied and steps shaped as per the engineers design. The shell is then ready to be srayed with concrete using a high pressure air hose.  The concrete is a mix of small aggregate cement and sand with a high mpa strength rating.

Shotcrete pools are very popular as they are versatil and durable. Whether you are building a pool with curves, sharp angles, or varying depths they give the feeling of a private aquatic resort in virtually any size, shape or depth and configuration that works for your budget, lifestyle and design preference. 

Once the shotcrete shell is formed we put an aesthetically pleasing water proofing membrane over the top. This can be done in one of three ways, please see our coating options below. 

We can design the entire pool area to ensure it flows into and out of the rest of your garden. We are also able to design and build different structures in this area to fit your needs, including tiled decks, block walls, private courtyards and pool fences. Working closely with you, we will choose a range of plants that are in harmony with the feel of the environment you are seeking – such as tropical or minimal.


Quartzon Plaster Coating

Quartzon Plaster Coating

Quartzon Plaster is a special blend of ingredients including brilliant white quartz sand, metallic oxides and ceramically coated aggregates with a starfleck that makes your pool glitter and sparkle like no other. Sunlight or moonlight, you will be dazzled by a shimmering light showing on your pool surface. This pool building method invites light to bedazzle. 


Hydrazzo Plaster

Hydrazzo Plaster

Hydrazzo Plaster has a silky smooth texture combined with the durability of exposed aggregate. A combination of crystalline and marble polished back to a brilliant lustre, unlocks the marbles beauty and strength. Hydrazzo Plaster compliments all pool scape designs with it's unique colour selections and natural variegated appearance. The polished surface is resistent to spot etching, topical stains, permanant scale and algae adhesion. Smooth to the touch with fingers and toes, it is no surprise that Hydrazzo surfacing is the smoothest pool finishing available. The effect is simply breathtaking. 


Fiber Glass Coating

Fiber Glass Coating

Fiber Glass coating is a three coat system. Fiber glass chop strand is first applied onto the pool surface, resin is then applied onsite, followed by another layer of fiberglass finishing coat with a thickness of 8mm which holds the colour of the pool. 


Feedback from happy customers.

I LOVE my garden! We had an over grown out of control garden for years that I just didn't know what to do with!  I finally contacted Lane Landscapes for a consultation and quote, as I didn't know what I wanted. The team knew exactly what plants would be best on our shady site. My new low maintence garden looks fab and I am no longer embarassed to have people over to the house!

Christine Barkley

My husband and I are both really impressed with Lane landscapes, Hamish and his team were wonderful to work with. They listened to our ideas and needs and created our dream outdoor space. We could not be happier with the outcome. 

Isla Stevenson

Hamish and the team were great to deal with. Their communication was on point regarding timings and updates about our project and the job was completed on time. I would highly recommend Lane Landscapes to anyone who is planning an outdoor project. 

Stuart Talt
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